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Meet Ziggy Cup, the most comfortable and versatile menstrual cup ever! Its revolutionary flat-fit design is a perfect feel as a flexible, disc-like silicone and makes Ziggy Cup the best, reusable cup that can be worn during sex. Offering ultimate comfort for different shaped and sized bodies, wear Ziggy Cup up to 12 hours for non-stop protection. 

This ultra thin, high-capacity menstrual cup is made completely of petal-thin silicone, which means Ziggy Cup can’t be felt at all - no matter what you’re doing for mess-free period sex!  Its flat design squishes thin for easy insertion, and sits right below the cervix for comfortable protection. 

Ziggy comes with a hygienic silicone case that easily fits in your pocket or handbag. Wash with soap and water cup after use.

Made from FDA approved medical-grade silicone, Ziggy is BPA-free and phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful chemicals or bleaches. It collects flow rather than absorbing it, so theres no dryness or irritation from tampons or liners. 

Menstrual Cups are environmentally and financially friendly!  Save thousands of dollars and trips to the store in purchasing menstrual products.  And one cup can last for years, reducing waste in landfills.  

*Purchase this Intimina Ziggy Cup from MedAmour and receive a FREE bottle of Intimina Intimate Accessory Cleaner and FREE bottle of Intimina Feminine Moisturizer.  (Gift With Purchase valued $20).  
While supplies last, limited quantities, through August 2020.


Internal Width:  2.56 inches
Diameter:  2.92 inches
Rim Height:  0.275 inches
Capacity:  76ml
Package Height:  7.95 inches

Made from FDA approved & BPA-free medical-grade silicone. Hypoallergenic.

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