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For vulva owners looking to improve their intimate needs and achieve longer, stronger orgasms, LELO Beads Plus offers discreet and intimate strength training with 6 different weighted beads for numerous combinations to improve sexual sensations. 

Product Features

  • Discreet Pelvic Floor Fitness - Offers an efficient pelvic muscle workout when worn during a variety of activities such as walking, showering, or even sitting. Using reflexive pelvic muscle contractions, a simple exercise routine can be followed consistently with minimal effort.
  • Effective, self-tailored strength training - Comprised of two 28g, two 37g, and two 60g beads for a variety of resistance training combinations that help build strength over time.
  • Extra soft silicone - Ultra-smooth premium silicone thats extra soft to the touch.
  • Fully waterproof - Smooth, waterproof design is incredibly easy to keep clean.

Width:  0.6 inches
Length:  1.25 inches

Body-safe silicone, ABS Plastic, Nylon string


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