Ejaculating Silicone Dil Beige

Ejaculating Silicone Dil Beige - MedAmour - Phoenix, AZ


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A pure design, a resistant suction cup, and a silky silicone texture for a pleasurable and functional ejaculating dil.  

Soft touch silicone, phthalates-free, this large dil from the Strap On Me Collection provides a base with three outlet pipes in order to adapt to either left and right-hands.  The 82cm of tubing length offers the possibility to cut the length you want, while the 30ml-volume syringe can be filled with your choice of lubricant, water, or semen formulas for inseminations.

Its smooth silicone touch, allows penetrating pleasure and the function to simulate an ejaculation.  At any desired moment, press the syringe (previously filled with lubricant or liquid of your choice) for the dil to ejaculate, giving you a true, close, and real orgasm sensation!

Their ergonomic design is compatible with most harnesses.

  • Stimulates G-sports and P-spots
  • High-quality, Phthalates-free silicone
  • Harness compatible, firm, and flexible
  • Easy 30ml syringe to refill with lubricant
  • Complimentary 70ml bottle of lubricant called Creamy included 
  • Official name printed on packaging is Strap-on-Me Silicone Cum Dildo Vanilla. 


Height: 7.7 inches
Insertable Length: 7.2 inches
Width-Diameter: 1.5 inches

Water Resistance

Waterproof.  (tag: pop dil, squirt, squirting)

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