SpareParts Deuce Male Harness - Regular, Size B

SpareParts Deuce Male Harness - MedAmour - Phoenix, AZ


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The SpareParts Deuce Male Harness is a fantastic solution for men experiencing erectile dysfunction or for those looking to stay intimate for extended periods of time. Comfortable and designed specifically with men in mind, it features an opening for the penis and another for a supportive device like a dildo. Wearers can place the penis inside or outside the pouch.

For additional sensation, the harness straps cross at the perineum to apply light pressure and stimulation. The top area of the harness can also be used to insert a mini bullet vibrator for both partners’ enjoyment. Constructed with quality materials and strong velcro, designers made sure that the harness doesn’t bunch or chafe and is completely comfortable for intimate exploring. All SpareParts harnesses are made in the USA.

Comfortable and completely adjustable, it can be worn for extended periods and is a great solution for men with erectile dysfunction or men who want to continue to make love in between erections.


Height: 20-50/10-16/1.25-2/1.5-1.87 inches

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