Noje Quiver Lily Oscillating External Vibrator

Noje Quiver Lily Oscillating External Vibrator - MedAmour


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Noje Quiver Lily is not your typical external vibrator. But, while its design may be unfamiliar, its sensation is hard to dismiss. Using focused oscillations, Quiver Lily creates an intensely stimulating experience unlike the buzzing sensation of many other vibrators. Women who have difficulty reaching orgasm or who have not been able to experience orgasms may find that Quiver Lily’s oscillating vibration is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Try Noje Quiver Lily all on its own to target its seven vibration settings  on and around the clitoris. You may be surprised how well this type of focused sensation works! By utilizing a tapered tip, you can better find the areas around your vulva and clitoris that experience the most sensation.

For a rumbling, quivering vibration, try the Bunny Ear attachment to stimulate the clitoris or nipples. With a male partner, Quiver Lily with the Bunny Ear attachment is also incredibly powerful along the frenulum. Try the Tapper attachment for softer, tapping sensations or a deeper resonation of vibration.

Noje Quiver Lily is fully waterproof and submersible, making it easy to clean while being compact and easy to hide away. We recommend keeping it in a zippered storage bag like our Storage Toybag to keep all attachments and the vibrator ready for play. No more batteries as Quiver Lily is USB rechargeable and made of body-safe ABS plastic and silicone. No fragrances, phthalates, paraffins or latex.

7.5"l x 1.25"w

Tip is .25" diameter

Rabbit and Tapper attachments: each 2.5"l x .5"w


ABS Plastic, Platinum-cured Silicone

Magnetic USB Rechargeable

Noje Quiver Lily Vibrator, Rabbit attachment, Tapper attachment, Charging cable

Tested IPX7 Waterproof for Bathtime Play and Convenient Cleaning

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