Intimate 4Play Game

Intimate 4Play Game - MedAmour - Phoenix, AZ


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This softly and romantically packaged game is perfect for the couple looking to inspire more intimate communication in their relationship. Intimate4Play is a sensually charged and fun invitation to understanding one's partner, mind, body, and soul. 68 different cards include probing questions and sensual actions that are formulated to help the players learn more about each other through stimulating conversation aimed at enhancing their perceptions and expanding their capacity for pleasure from one another. One deck of topically divided cards will guide the players through a romantic exploration of each other on five levels: Humor, Intellect, Romance, Sex, and Eroticism. Intimate4Play helps create the mental interaction before intimacy that affords couples the opportunity to engage the mind, heart, and senses.



74 cards, 1 Set of Dice, Instruction Booklet

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