Don't Worry Dishes, Nobody's Doing Me Either Flour Towel

Don't Worry Dishes, Nobody's Doing Me Either Flour Towel - MedAmour


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Your kitchen towel commiserates with you. It feels your pain. If there's not enough action happening in the bedroom, at least you can rely on your trusty dish towel...and your aversion to doing dishes. We won't judge!

These towels aren't just hilarious and adorable, they're also made with the highest quality of Flour Sack (there is difference), and it is hemmed on ALL FOUR SIDES. They are lint-free, generous in size and measure approx. 28"x29" and are lint free.

Wash in cold water with like colors. Treat it like any other towel around the house, but cold is best for long lasting beauty. All prints are made with a commercial grade heat press and will last and last.

Height: 29 inches
Width: 0.4 inches
Length: 28 inches



1 Don't Worry Dishes Not Doing Me Either Flour Towel

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