Gvibe Gkit - Sunny Raspberry

Gvibe Gkit - Sunny Raspberry


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This kit consists of a Gplug, a small rechargeable plug, and Gring, an exciting combination of finger vibrator and remote control for your Gplug and other Gvibe toys. Start your collection with this set to get you going, alone or with a partner. There are many combinations to try with Gkit.

Plus, Gkit is ready to ride! Perfect for travel both sex toys in the Gkit have a travel lock and are 100% waterproof.The G Ring that comes with this kit is compatible with both sizes of the G-Plug and the ultra realistic Greal vibrating dildo. The Gplug that comes in the Gkit is the small size, Diameter: 1.1in

Gvibe Gkit was specially developed for pleasure seekers looking for options. Use either toy individually, Gplug for anal stimulation, and Gring for all your other erogenous zones. G-ring works as a finger vibe, cock ring, or clit massager for simultaneous stimulation while enjoying the Gplug for anal vibrations.

When its time to get sexy you can use Gkit as a finger-vibe for your sensitive zones, as well as a remote control for various Gvibe products. Enjoy anal stimulation, clit stimulation, nipple stimulation, and everything in between. Buy a vibrator with confidence and Gvibes 3-year warranty.Designed in London.