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Most women experience vaginal dryness, irritation or pain at some point in their lives. When pain during sex (Dyspareunia) or conditions such as Endometriosis, Vaginimus or Vaginal Atrophy occur, being intimate can become frustrating or nearly impossible. Hormonal changes connected to menopause or illness can be the root cause or vaginal dryness and irritation can happen for many other reasons. You don’t just have to accept this as your new reality. Lubricants are fantastic tools for making intimacy more easier, but they don’t always soothe, heal, and bring relief at the same time.

Hip Hemp Moisture Drops are individual, organic, discreet and designed to help revitalize and soothe internally. When you insert a zero-estrogen perle Hip Hemp Moisture Drops give you the necessary relief with ingredients such as hemp and grapeseed oils. Hemp Seed oil contains no THC (this product will not make you feel “high”) and is a natural compound known to ease ailments such as anxiety and inflammation. In addition, Hemp seed oil found in Moisture Drops is detoxifying and has analgesic properties to counter the effects of skin irritation.

You’ll receive nourishing and moisturizing effects with the help of Grapeseed oil that will help bring back your vagina’s vital environment. To use, simply insert one perle into the vagina as far as you can right before going to sleep at night. While you sleep, the Moisture Drop will work its magic and bring back rejuvenation and moisture. Wake up feeling rested and revitalized throughout your body.

Height: 2 inches
Diameter: 2 inches
Volume: 90 Soft Gels

Grapeseed Oil with Vitamin E and Hemp Seed Oil

90 insertable soft gels

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