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A beautifully sleek, solid stainless steel wand that is perfectly curved for deep, effortless reach. Let the Le Wand Bow stainless steel wand gently slide into place and firmly press against your G-spot or P-spot for an intense climax. Choose from the bulbous end featuring ridges that can act as a vaginal exerciser or elevate your intimate playtime with the smaller shaped end for satisfying targeted stimulation.

Stainless steel toys are prized for their hardness, weight, and hygiene. They can be used with all types of lubricants. Try temperature play by warming in warm water, or cooling down in ice water. (We advise water only).  To clean, simply use soap and water, pop them in the dishwasher, or boil them for 3 to 4 minutes to fully disinfect.  We also recommend UVee Clean

Stainless steel sex toys are the newest must-haves for your sex toy collection.  Benefits of using stainless steel sex toys are they are (almost) totally indestructible and is super easy to clean.  If you own a stainless steel sex toy, you basically have a sex toy for life. They don’t wear down, lose their quality, or break. 


Length:  7.97 inches 
Bulb Diameters: 
1.1 inches and 1.33 inches
  1.11 lbs

Stainless Steel, waterproof

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