SpareParts Deuce Male Harness - Magnum, Size B

SpareParts Deuce Male Harness - MedAmour - Phoenix, AZ


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A comfortable, nylon harness to be worn by men, Deuce from SpareParts is a great solution for men with erectile dysfunction. This harness is designed especially with men in mind. Two separate holes allow for the penis to extend through one and a device to extend through the other. An internal pocket holds a vibrator for extra stimulation, and a unique pouch comfortably cradles the testicles. Leg straps lightly cross over the perineum for added stimulation. Comfortable and completely adjustable, it can be worn for extended periods and makes is a great solution for men with erectile dysfunction or men who want to continue to make love in between erections. 

Height: 20-50/10-16/1.25-2/1.5-1.87 inches


Nylon, Spandex


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