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Wearing an erection penis ring can create larger, harder erections, and intensify the orgasm. Rooster Enric is a minimalist, soft silicone, penis ring, designed to be worn around the package (penis and scrotum). While enringed, enjoy the stable pressure it gives, which results in a harder erection. Comfortable to wear and offers a firm grip.

Simply stretch out Enric with both hands. Put your penis (flacid or erect) and testicles through the ring. Then gently release the ring and adjust its position so it's comfortably tight/right. 

Listen carefully to your body.  How long one wears a penis ring varies from person to person.  This stylish minimalist design is great for beginners to advanced users.  Comfortable, stretchy, waterproof, and durable -- one size fits most!

Length: 2.2 inches
Width: 1 inches
Diameter: 1.34 inches


Soft Platinum Silicone

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