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Take control  of your own sexual journey with Shameless Sex, a compass to guide you toward your most authentic and vibrant self.

Embrace your desires, gain confidence in your relationships, and explore your own ever-changing world of sexual pleasure with this guide to cultivating the sex life of your dreams.

No matter your gender, sexuality, or relationship status, Shameless Sex: Unlock the Pleasure You've Been Waiting For lets you choose your own pleasure path while feeling normal, whole, and supported.

With real questions from Shameless Sex podcast listeners, and the best advice and most trusted tools drawn from interviews with hundreds of doctors, sex educators, therapists, coaches, and other experts, hosts Amy Baldwin and April Lampert address the most-asked questions around sex, including:

  • How do I figure out what I want in the bedroom and how can I ask for it?
  • How can I become a better lover?
  • How can I have hotter, steamier sex?
  • How can I keep the fire burning?

Shameless Sex is more than just a fascinating and insightful read, this guide is designed to be revisited time and time again when new inevitable relational and sexual questions arise.

Are you ready to open yourself up to creating the lasting change you desire in your sex and relationships? Join the Shameless Sex revolution, and find the passion, richness, depth, and connection you've been looking for!

Authors Amy Baldwin and April Lambert, co-hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast