Stimulating Gels & Oils

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Stimulating Gels for Women

Stimulating gels or enhancement gels for women generally focus on a warming, cooling or buzzing sensation on or around the clitoris. For those dealing with anorgasmia, vaginal atrophy or clitoral atrophy, they can help promote bloodflow to the clitoris to help with arousal. Warming gels and warming lubricants can also be used internally to help promote bloodflow and increase lubrication. The stimulating gels in this category do not contain L’arginine, which can be irritating to many women. Instead, ingredients such as cinnamon, menthol, peppermint, and capsicum are used. Please check the ingredients to be sure you aren’t sensitive to any of them.

It is not recommended to use a stimulating gel or warming lubricant if you are experiencing an infection or any sore vaginal tissue since these could heighten the sensation.

Stimulating Gels for Men

Our men’s products in this category fall into a few categories:

Stimulating Gels or Libido Enhancers

These gels include some of the same ingredients as the female stimulating gels but may also include natural ingredients to enhance testosterone such as Evening Primrose Oil.

Desensitizers or Delay Gels

These products are useful for men suffering from premature ejaculation or those who wish to sustain an erection longer. Typically containing benzocaine or lidocaine, they are applied before intercourse so there is little or no transfer to their partner.

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