Cleansing white towel and bathtub

Intimate Cleansing

Cleanse naturally without disrupting the pH-balance of your most intimate areas. Many soaps and body washes are not balanced for a woman’s chemistry. These intimates washes and feminine wipes can be used for intimate cleansing but are also great as all-over body washes. You might even find that you like them better! Select from biodegradable feminine wipes perfect for cleansing while traveling or pH-balanced intimate washes perfect for sensitive areas. For women with sensitive skin, these washes will cleanse without drying like a soap or body wash might.

Toy and Device Cleansing

All intimate devices should be cleaned before and after use. Here, we offer sprays, foaming cleansers, washes and wipes to keep your dilators, kegel devices, vibrators and non-vibrating devices free from bacteria and germs. For women with especially-vulnerable systems as well as those who are perfectly healthy, prevent bacteria from triggering infections or irritation of the vulvovaginal area.

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