Men's Sexual Health

Men can benefit from many non-medical treatments to assist in a healthy intimate life. Within this category we have included Erectile Dysfunction or ED products that can assist with stimulation, libido, and support. In addition to stimulating gels or oils, the main categories of products we offer include erection rings, male vibrators (that can be used with a non-erect or flaccid penis), kegels for men or kegel exercisers for men, support devices like harnesses, and prostate stimulation.

Product Types for Men’s Sexual Health

Erection Rings

Erection rings can be flexible or rigid, vibrating or non-vibrating, rings that are worn either at the base of the penis or around both the penis and testicles.


Male Vibrators

Male vibrators such as the Hot Octopuss Pulse III and Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse make it possible for men to be aroused and even reach orgasm without needing to be erect. These products can be used with a flaccid penis and are designed to stimulate areas such as the sensitive frenulum.

Kegels for Men

Yes, kegels for men! Men can also experience incontinence or an underactive bladder, which can be alleviated with kegel exercises. These devices provide stimulation or weights to provide resistance to train and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Support Devices

Support devices can include different types of harnesses that allow a man room for his own penis and a dil to assist with intercourse. It could also be a harness to use one’s hand or other body part to engage in sexual activity. 

Another form of support is a penis pump, which is used to create blood flow to the penis for stronger and long lasting erections. 

Prostate Stimulators

Prostate massagers can provide additional stimulation to the prostate, sometimes enhancing or generating an erection. Many men achieve much more intense sensations and orgasms with the help of prostate massage.

Stimulating or Desensitizing Gels, Sprays or Oils

These gels include some of the same ingredients as the female stimulating gels, but may also include natural ingredients to enhance testosterone like Evening Primrose Oil. Desensitizers are useful for men suffering from premature ejaculation or those who wish to sustain an erection longer. Typically containing benzocaine or lidocaine, they are applied before intercourse so there is little or no transfer to their partner.

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