Womanizer Cliterary Kit

Womanizer Literary Kit - MedAmour - Phoenix - USA


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The Cliterary Devices Kit contains an adorable clitoris keychain, instructional guide, and a new L-size stimulation head attachment.

The silicone attachment forms a seal around your clitoris so that Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology can stimulate your body. The empty space inside the head changes the airflow and pressure. If there is more space in the head, the sensations feel softer and dynamic. If there is less space, it might feel more intense. Every body is unique and this attachment aims at providing more stimulation. Compatibility depends on your preference, sensitivity, pleasure anatomy, mood, and so much more! 

The L-head fits on the Womanizer Premium, Classic and Starlet.
It does fit on the Liberty, but the case-cap will not close properly.

What’s included?
1 x L-stimulation head, white
1 x Clitoris keychain, raspberry
1 x Educational booklet