Sensuva ON Ice Arousal Oil - 5ml

Sensuva ON Ice Arousal Oil - 5ml - MedAmour


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This incredibly powerful arousal oil for women is all-natural and made with an original blend of pure essential oils and extracts. When applied directly to the clitoris, the fast-acting ON Ice will dramatically heighten a woman's arousal and give her an exciting sensation that pulsates, vibrates, tingles, and cools the most sensitive part of her sensual body.  ON Ice even makes most women feel as though they are lubricating more.

ON Ice incorporates the healthy benefits of peppermint oil extract with the powerful ON Arousal Oil blend to dramatically heighten a woman’s arousal. You may feel a buzzing, pulsating, or vibrating sensation almost immediately with only a few drops of ON Ice.  The added sensation of ON Ice's powerful formulation can also help women achieve orgasm more easily.  To use, simply apply 1-2 drops on to the clitoris.  After 5 minutes or less, you will feel an ice-cooling, buzzing sensation that can last up to 30+ minutes.

Sensuva ON Arousal Oil is medically endorsed by renowned sexpert, Dr. Jennifer Berman, MD who has a large following, appears on numerous talk shows and has authored groundbreaking research on female sexuality. This deeply moisturizing formula is gentle on the skin and won’t irritate sensitive tissues. On the contrary, ON Arousal has the added benefit of helping to relieve irritated skin while supporting a healthy immune system. 

ON Ice Arousal Oil is free of menthol, L-arginine, parabens, gluten, and glycerin. It is vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Height: 2.38 inches
Width: 3 inches
Length: 4.5 inches
Diameter: 0.63 inches
Volume: .17 oz



Proprietary Essential Oil Blend including: Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil (perpene free), Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Natural Tocopherols (vitamin e); silica, Natural Flavors, Rosemary Oil Extract

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