Deluxe Silicone Dilator 5-piece Set

Sinclair Deluxe Silicone Dilator 5 pc. Set - MedAmour - Phoenix, AZ


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If your doctor has recommended dilator therapy, look no further than this super-soft, color-coded dilator set. As uncomfortable as dilator therapy may be, the Sinclair Deluxe Silicone Dilator Set brings as much dignity, beauty and ease as possible. Experience a natural and effective transition and progression in diameter from the five graduated sizes, easing your body into recovery. Wider-set bases keep the dilators in place and a thicker rim allows you to grasp and remove them without difficulty.

Dilator therapy is often used for women experiencing painful sex due to a variety of conditions such as vaginal atrophy, vaginismus therapy or endometriosis treatment, among others. Dilators can help the vagina regain elasticity and bloodflow. If you believe dilator therapy would be beneficial, we recommend that you speak to your doctor first.

Be sure to use your silicone dilator set with a water-based lubricant like the ones found on MedAmour. Silicone lubricants or anything containing oils can damage the silicone material.

  • Yellow: 2.83 x .5
  • Coral: 3.39 x .75
  • Lavender: 3.9 x .87
  • Blue: 4.6 x 1
  • Orchid: 5.5 x 1.3

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Length: yellow: 2.83 coral: 3.39 lavender: 3.9 blue: 4.6 orchid: 5.5 inches
Diameter: yellow: .5 coral: .75 lavender: .87 blue: 1 orchid: 1.3 inches


100% Medical-grade Silicone



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