MedAmour's Spring Sample Sale!

MedAmour's Spring Sample Sale! - MedAmour Exclusive


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Featured once a year, the popular MedAmour Spring Cleaning Sample Sale is here!!  This is our exclusive beloved event and the responses have been super positive! We are so excited for you to explore and discover some of these new pleasures! Many thanks for your love and support to our small passion project!

Have you completed your Custom Questionnaire?  Share your wish list and what you're interested in trying!  *We customize every package to your desires! Allergies, sensitivities? Please let us know!*

Level of Pleasure Package:
a. $75 for $100+ value.      (over 25% savings!)
b. $99 for $180+ value.    (over 45% savings!)
c. $149 for $350+ value.  (over 60% savings!)
USA sales only. Prices include Free Discreet USA Shipping.  All Sales Final.
✨ Product may be in brand new packaging, old packaging, or damaged packaging.
✨ Product may be out of packaging and in like-new condition. Product samples have never been used except for powered-on inspection for review of power and features⁠.⁠
✨ Open products have been washed, disinfected, and Puritize UVee Sanitize Clean!⁠
✨ This sale helps the environment by not discarding unused products into landfills.

💕 You are supporting a small, minority women run passion project -- thank you! We're confident that you'll enjoy your new goodies & positive vibes! We appreciate your kind words, donations, posts/tags on social media, and shares with your friends! 

Thank you and be happy, healthy, and well!!
Love, MedAmour 




"This is waaaaaaayyy better than any fab fit fun box I've ever received! I've always been skeptical about websites for sexual wellness and have never ordered from them before and would order direct from the manufacturer/company, but you have absolutely change my mind! You have a customer for life now! Thank you again for all of your help!"

"Thank you for listening to my needs and customizing!" 

"I received my order a few days ago... My GOODNESS, I cannot thank you enough! I was absolutely blown away by what you sent in quantity and quality. The fact that you SO sweetly included items on my wishlist and so much more, was absolutely amazing. My partner loved that you threw in some goodies specifically for him, too! To say that we've both been enjoying it all is an understatement." 
"Thank you for doing what you do, being so thoughtful, and spreading the good word of sexual well-being. You have new lifelong customers!"