Sexy Ladies Box

Sexy Ladies Box - MedAmour Exclusive - Phoenix, AZ

$75.00 $125.00

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⁣⁣🌸 Our MedAmour Exclusive & Popular! ✨⁣
⁣Packed to the brim with some of our favorite products, we created something that will give you the gift of joy, discovery, and adventure.... And all in one pleasure package! We are so excited about these goodie boxes— we actively adjust to the seasons, so some variations may vary. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!!⁠⠀😘

What's in the Ladies' Sexy Box: 

  • Fun Factory or Femme Funn battery operated vibrator
  • Fun Factory Toy Bag
  • Lelo Candle 
  • An all natural water-based lubricant 2oz
  • Bijoux Gems
  • Warm Human Wearable Aromatherapy
  • Multiple Samples of Lubricants, Gels, Condoms & more!
  • **Worried about sensitivities?  Reach out to customize or ask questions!

🤗 Sexy Ladies Box: $125+ value for $75.00⁠⠀⁣
🤗 Sexy Couples Bundle: $245+ value for $155.00⁠⠀